Pari Screamer 7: This one re-establishes that watching this Anushka Sharma film will not be a child’s play – watch video!

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Pari Screamer 7: Anushka Sharma film child’s play – watch video!

Pari Screamer 7: Anushka Sharma film child’s play – watch video!: With just one day left for us to witness what is anticipated to be the scariest experience in the history of Indian cinema, Anushka Sharma has dropped another screamer of Pari! The 25 seconds long screamer will make you sink in your seats as you see a pregnant woman lying in a bathtub screaming in labour. You see a shadow of a lady standing far behind on the wall, and that is followed by visuals of the foetus inside the womb. Sends chill down your spine, right?

Anushka Sharma drops another scary screamer just 1 day before the release of Pari

Pari Screamer 7: Anushka Sharma film child’s play – watch video!

Pari is looking like one of the most suspenseful films of recent times. Directed by Prosit Roy, this will be a thriller with a hint of the supernatural. As the tagline suggests, this certainly is not a fairytale. Reports suggested that the film dwells on the topic of abuse. But all the seven screamers have refused to give out anything on what the film is all about. All that we can say is that the visuals are mighty disturbing. Check out the latest screamer right here…

In one of her interviews, Anushka Sharma had said to IANS, “At Clean Slate, our endeavour is to tell stories that are not only meaningful and different, but also push the boundaries. This film, a new journey, is yet another step in that direction.” Clean Slate Films is co-owned by Anushka’s brother Karnesh Sharma. This is Parambrata’s second film in Hindi after Kahaani opposite Vidya Balan



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